Top 6 reasons why you need online marketing

by / Thursday, 26 March 2015 / Published in Blogs

Reason# 1:

“Stay ahead of competition“. This is one of the most important reasons why you need online marketing. If your potential customers can only find your competitors on the internet instead of your products or services, then you are losing the business. Just think about how many times when you are trying to look for a certain product and/or service, you go online first to do research and comparison before taking any action. That is exactly what your potential customers are doing.

Reason# 2

“Let your customers find you whenever they need your product and services“. You know how much effort it takes to find a real customer. However, the fact is that a lot of potential buyers are out there who are online looking for exact product and service you are offering. Let them find you, it will reduce your effort dramatically.

Reason# 3

“Save your money on marketing“. Are you, like all other business owners, afraid of traditional flyer, newspaper,TV/radio will eat up your limited marketing budget very quickly without knowing how much leads or sales they create? Online marketing is a lot more cost-effective compared to traditional marketing.

Reason# 4

“You have full control, super flexible”. Whenever you have new products and/or service or new sale events coming up, you can simply update and market them online, broadcast to your existing and potential customers. As opposed to traditional marketing, you would have to redo all marketing materials.

Reason# 5

“You build closer relationship with your customers”. This is another most important reason why you need online marketing. The customer is a king. Online marketing is more than just what you say about your product and services. It is also about you listen to your customers and get quickest feedback from them online. So you can quickly improve your existing products/services or come up with new product/service to meet customers’ needs. Interact with your customers regularly through online marketing, you will be able to build a lot closer relationship with your customers.

Reason 6:

“Extend word-of-mouth or referral to much bigger audience”. You must know how effective it is to grow your business through word-of-mouth or referrals? Don’t you want those word-of-mouth to get to much bigger audience instead of just one by one. Online marketing is one of the quickest way to spread the positive feedback, reviews and comments on your products and/or service to other potential customers online.